Can your wife deploy with you?

Unfortunately, the idea of visiting your spouse during deployment is very unlikely. Your spouse is deploying and you may be tempted to pack up and move closer to your family. The change of scenery can be nice, your parents could help with the kids and you could reconnect with old friends, all great things to distract you from the deployment. However, standing still has its own advantages.

He said, “I can't wait to go to Afghanistan. I'm looking to volunteer for the next rotation. Even the most secure implementations come with risks. No matter where in the world a service member is, there is always a pit deep in the stomach of the military spouse.

They have a deep secret fear that one day they will knock on the door. When he looks at you and says, “I'm fine, I know better. There is no “right choice” about where to live during your spouse's deployment. Some prefer to stay in their current home or apartment.

The service member will continue to receive BAH (basic housing allowance) throughout the deployment, so they don't need to move if they don't want to. Other people move to a smaller place, or even move with a friend, to save money during deployment. Finally, there is the option of moving home for deployment and living closer to family members. Which option is the best? That really depends on your situation, whether you have children, and your relationship with your family.

What worked best for someone else may not work for you. So here are a few things to keep in mind. You see, my friend doesn't even live near us. He lives about two hours away, but I knew my husband was deployed and wanted to help somehow.

So, he went online and they delivered pizza to him. Learn how you can help them prepare for separation as easily as possible, and as you do, learn how you can expect the rest of your family to deploy as well. If you have your husband, your children and your wife, and everyone has to go through this together, feel lucky because there are many who do not have or have communication with their better half during these times. Children: Just as you and your service member are working to readjust after deployment, so are your children.

Typically, this phase will begin almost as soon as your service member receives your implementation orders. As you prepare for deployment, be sure to review your current health coverage and decide if you want to make changes. Helping your family prepare for a deployment is easier if you follow the advice of other spouses who have done so. She also blogs at The Few, The Proud, and This Marine Wife, where she shares her life as a military wife and offers encouragement to moms in the trenches.

No matter how far or how long he gets to communicate, he knows that the deployment will end and that his love will be stronger than ever. If there is a family emergency, the Red Cross can contact your spouse on deployment even when there is no internet access. Do your best to explain what is happening and focus on building healthy relationships that withstand the challenges of implementing your family unit. Between hazard pay, combat pay, pay for flights or any of the other additional payments that come with deployment, plus non-taxable income, your bank account will look drastically different for a while, and it's important that you don't spend it all on a sleek new Mustang.

In the last few days leading up to your service member's deployment, your family may begin to close emotionally or avoid emotions altogether. One to six weeks after deployment, you and your family may feel that your worlds have turned upside down. In fact, although none of us like deployment, we all appreciate the feeling of how wonderful it is that your spouse returns after so much time away. As your family begins the planning process to welcome your deployed loved one home, it's important to recognize that your idea of the perfect homecoming may not fit with what your service member has in mind.

Sit down together and take a look at all your expenses, including debts, and make a budget before implementation arrives. . .

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