Explore the secret of Prostate Massage

This procedure has been used for thousands years. In recent years, the practice is more commonly used to induce orgasm and deliver sexual pleasure. More info?

Although it may seem simple, it is difficult to master. Here we will go over the fundamentals of the best way to massage the prostate for maximum pleasure.

Firstly, lubrication is key. To avoid bacterial contamination, wear disposable vinyl gloves.

To proceed, you will need to lightly touch the penis (perineum), the anus (another part of the genital area), and gently massage the perineum. You can use this to encourage yourself to ejaculate or to make your partner do so.

This person must relax the anal muscles. If you gently stroke around the Anus using circular slow strokes, this will help relax the sphincters as well stimulate the sensory endings. If you are able to relax your muscles, this can lead to more enjoyment and less pain.

When relaxed, put a couple of fingers in or insert a massager (such as a sextoy) into the anus. As soon as you get inside, start experimenting with strokes, speed, and pressure to achieve maximum pleasure. To find the prostate, however, you should use gentle, slower movements. Try to find an organ that looks like a large walnut. This organ can be located in the perineum region or between the male scrotums and anus. Go a few inches into the area and look for it.

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If the other person feels the need or wants to urinate, and/or if the seminal material starts to come out of the penis. The seminal fluid is often referred to as’milking.

Use the following massage technique:

Then, gently stroke from one side toward the middle of the prostate. Next, you should do exactly the same from the opposing side. The best way to begin is with a gentle touch. However, if more pressure is desired, it can be applied. Watch out for any pain signs. If your partner or you feel some discomfort, either stop or slow down.

Massage the prostate is not difficult and with practice you’ll be able to do it. The first few times you might feel uncomfortable or even hurt, but eventually you’ll discover what works for yourself.

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The person receiving the message will become extremely aroused. He or she may even achieve an erection.

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