Flagpoles for Residential or Commercial Use

Amman, Jordan is home to the highest flagpole without support in the entire world. The staggering 416-foot tall carbon steel pole weighs in the astonishing 190,000. A flagpole this big requires a solid foundation. It can support up 600 tons. 36 bolts made from carbon steel are bolted on to the foundation. With the flag attached, it can withstand wind speeds up to ninety-miles/hour. It took nearly two years to create and build, and many corporations helped in its construction, find useful link.

While the engineering concepts of your flagpole project will be similar, they may not seem quite as overwhelming.

First, calculate the height for your flagpole. Your flag should be between 25 and 40% taller than your pole.

A standard commercial flagpole can be 30-40 feet tall. If you’re looking for a strong statement on your front lawn, a shorter flagpole would be a better choice. The height of residential flagpoles is typically 20-25 feet for homes with one- and more stories.

A key decision in choosing the right material to use for your pole is also important. Aluminum and fiberglass are best choices for their durability, best value, and long life expectancy. However, flagpoles are also available in bronze and carbon as well as stainless steel. Wood is the strongest material available and is therefore used most often to mount flags to walls. There are many options available for bronze and fiberglass. Larger flagpoles require either stainless or carbon steel.

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