Get to know the art of painting

If you are going to paint with oil paints it is best that you learn about the unique features of these paints. Because oil paints dry slowly, you can easily correct any mistakes and change the course of your work of art. More hints!

Translucent (also known as semi-opaque), Opaque, and Translucent are all oil paint types.

Clear paints have a tendency to be transparent paints. They are useful when you need a lighter, more transparent look.

They are opaque and cannot be seen. Opaque colors are often used for a lively finish and vibrant color. Opaque paints are used to cover almost all the elements that make up the art piece.

Semi-Transparents paints consist of a mix between Transparents and Opaque Paints. Use partial transparent paint to lighten up a shade or perhaps for accents. You can alter the use of these unique paint finishes as you gain more knowledge and skill.

Linseed is commonly used to mix with oil paints. This increases the probability of paint and also helps extend color. The paint becomes “prolonged paint” when you add Linseed to it. Paints that are to be used right out of a tube can be called “limited”.

Consider the surface on which you intend to disperse paint. You will need to use the pallet if you want to mix Linseed with your paint. It is on the pallet that you can mix different oil paint colors to obtain desired colors or textures.

Paintings are done on actual fabrics. The fabric must have a paint “basecoat” applied before starting your artwork. To reduce the reflection of the fabric, apply a “base coating” before you begin. It has been reported that oil-based painting dries very slowly.

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