How do you know when your wife hates you?

When your wife starts insulting you whenever she can, it's another sign that she hates you. He no longer cares about your feelings and whether it hurts them or not. He might even be doing this on purpose, going out of his way to hurt you. Why? This is because hatred springs from pain; you may have hurt it in the past and have never shown remorse for it.

Her insulting and hurting you could be her (unhealthy) way of inflicting the pain that you put her back on you. I want to make something clear from the beginning. The most important thing to do when you feel hostility and resentment from your wife is to find out why you feel that way. Many men want to dive in and make her stop being upset so that they try anything, without identifying the root of the problem.

Lack of presence, whether physical or emotional, could suggest that his wife is avoiding him, even in her own home. You can do this by spending your free time alone, working late, spending more time with your friends, or going to sleep earlier than usual. Intertwined in the ball of confusion as to why someone might fear that his wife would hate him is the awkward possibility that he might actually do it. When your wife starts to do this to you, know that she no longer has feelings of love or affection towards you, and it is also possible that she has narcissistic personality disorder.

This lets him know that his wife has mentally left the relationship and left him to her own devices, whatever those are. When things have gotten this far, just know that your wife has gone to the limit and is gathering other members of your family to lag behind her. Even if you believe that your wife has made mistakes and has done her part to damage the marriage, the goal is to restore her bond, not to prove to her that she is right and wrong. You're human, you can't stop thinking: “I feel like my wife hates me and you don't want to lose this woman, but how you choose to approach separation prevention is what will matter most in the end.

By addressing the big issues, you and your wife can not only repair your relationship, but also be strengthened through open and unbiased communication. If your wife suddenly introduces you to new toys and wants you to use a new device, that's a strong sign that you've been learning and that you've been sleeping around. Now that you have discovered that your wife hates you, what are the next steps? What do you do when your wife tells you she hates you? Even if you feel that it is the worst thing in the world for your wife to hate you, this is an opportunity for you to create a deeper and more meaningful bond that will allow you both to experience a deeper and more meaningful type of love. Therefore, if you can see that your wife is not willing to try to fix what is wrong in your marriage, you can be sure that something is wrong.

It's admirable that he wants to work on his marriage instead of throwing away everything he's built because his wife hates him. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is have a conversation with your wife and find out, from her, why she is acting this way.

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