Mini Storage Units (Micro Storage) are becoming more common

In recent years, the popularity of mini storage units increased. Many self-storage businesses are seeing increased revenues as well as fierce competition from the other providers. It is because people prefer to rent mini storage units, rather than downsizing. With better helpful hints products and mini-selfstorage, customers can look forward to these units.

Consumers today can identify positive trends within the self-storage sector. This is due to the rising need for additional space. Research shows self-storage is used by one-third American households. Due to life transitions such as college or divorce, people often store extra belongings in tiny storage containers.

The increasing space requirement is driving entrepreneurs to look into self-storage investment options. At this moment there are more that 40,000 mini self storage facilities in America. Each day there is an increase in the number of buildings built. This results in more revenue but tougher competition for service providers. The customers enjoy outstanding customer service as well as better units and facilities.

There are many areas in the United States that have electronic gates and climate-controlled units. A lot of companies have loyalty programs, such as complimentary tickets for sporting events or moving van rentals.

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