Prison Locks World: The Comedy of Mistakes

Navigating the prison lock labyrinth is similar to an twisted comedy adventure. Instead of secret agents, you’ll find bits of metal trying to keep the peace. We’ll explore some of the funny details about these vigilante law enforcers, and see how they have evolved to become the back-up performers for the prison drama. Imagine a group seasoned criminals planning in their cell with only a paper clip and aspirations for freedom. The automated doors of the jail were playing tricks on them, more about the author?

The locks with their complex system of pins and tumblers laugh at the improvised escape devices. The ancient mechanical strength and the human ingenuity are put to the test. This hilarious pair of key and lock performs a routine every day in which the prisoners attempt to escape jail by using a loud click and the lock’s triumphant giggle. This is an old-fashioned example of metal thieves trying to beat their wooden counterparts. The prison locks repeatedly demonstrate that they are in charge of the hilarious scam.

In the world of computerized locks for prisons, humor takes on a new, more modern, and technologically aware feel. Imagine the frustration of a prisoner trying to use a keycard, or swipe right on an app for dating, and then hearing the lock beep at them. These electronic jesters bring a sense of humor to the prison setting with their daily beeping. The real comic value is in the features of remote control. Imagine that a security guard is sitting in the control room with a cup of coffee, and nonchalantly thwarting an attempt to escape. This low-tech comedy is always a high-tech presentation with a prisoner who’s astonished. In the buzzing and beeping of the biometric show, prisoners become unintentionally actors in the comedy, trying to convince the lock they really are the person they claim to be. The biometric lock stars in this comedy of errors as the plot unfolds.

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