Rehab Can Save a Life

The right thing to do is to grab the child and get him out of harm’s path if you notice a teenager on the street with a speeding car – extra resources! If you see a child or loved one under the influence, know what steps to take. These people are in almost the same situation as children who will be struck by vehicles. An alcoholic or drug user will not die any faster, but much more slowly. This person must receive treatment in any New York alcohol or drug rehab with the appropriate facilities.

According to World Health Organization Expert Committee on Addiction-Producing Drugs of 1957, substance abuse was defined as the’states of repeated or chronic intoxication brought on by repeated drug use (natural or artificial).

WHO defines drug addiction by the following: 1) the insatiable desire to use the substance, even if it means obtaining the drugs through illegal methods, 2) the propensity for increasing the dose, 3) the psychological and physiological dependence on the substance, and finally 4) the negative impact of drug abuse both personally and socially.

Drug abuse can be a deadly force. Just one characteristic of substance abuse will cause it to ruin families and even lives. This addiction may ultimately result in the death for the drug user. The fate of alcohol addicts is no different from that of drug addicts. They will destroy loved ones, harm those who are around them, or even kill themselves.

The only way that an addict or alcoholic can be helped is by a rehab center in NY. You can do this by going to any of the drug or alcohol rehab centers NY provides. They will have the right facilities and staff to take care of them so they are able to overcome their addiction. New York is home to many drug or alcohol rehabilitation centers; it’s just a matter of choosing the right one.

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