Security Features for Self Storage

While searching for the perfect storage unit, there are a few features you should look out for. Although the services, facilities, location and monthly price of the storage unit are all important, many people overlook security, which can lead to burglaries, thefts and lost belongings. The amount you save on renting a poorly secured self-storage facility is a costly mistake! If you’re looking for the best self storage, visit us for more information.

Here is a checklist of features you should look for before choosing a unit:

The fence and the boundary wall should be well-defined and enclosed. Metal or brick walls can be used for fencing. Metal fencing offers a higher level of security and safety than brick wall fencing. The fencing must be sufficiently high to deter miscreants. Security officials should rotate 24/7 to monitor the entry or exit points.

– Security System: Self storage units must be equipped with theft alarms, as well as fire and CCTV cameras. In dark corners, the storage facility must be well-lit and fitted with motion sensors. A sufficient amount of memory should be available for the system. The surveillance system must be accessible to reviewers, monitors and those who wish to upgrade the system.

– Locking system: Every self storage unit must have a separate locking system. To ensure security, the operator should keep a running list of operators with copies of keys. The self-storage unit must only be accessible to registered members.

A self-storage unit can still be subject to unexpected disasters or natural catastrophes. It is a great blessing to have a policy with comprehensive coverage that will cover your valuables. With a few extra dollars, you can secure and protect your belongings even against natural calamities. Not all providers of self storage services offer the same benefits. Talk to them about their features and service offerings.

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