Storage Solutions for Your Needs

Approximately 10% of Canadians are estimated to store their excess items find this. It’s no surprise that there are many storage options. What are the top reasons people search storage? The main reason people search for storage is to move. The most common reason for people to look for storage space is to move to a different city or state. Business owners may need to store equipment, supplies or inventory. You may need storage for many different reasons.

What Are the Different types of Storage?

Self Storage Warehouses

The most common facility. A lease is signed and the rental usually occurs on a monthly basis. Insurance is required. An electronic gate allows customers to access their storage unit. Modern self storage buildings are well lit, properly fenced and equipped security cameras. The warehouses of today offer customers a range of sizes for self storage. The smallest size unit is 5×5, while the biggest one is 10×30. But there are no rigid rules.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage can be a good alternative to self-storage. The mobile storage option eliminates the need to rent and transport an area, and then store and transport your items. Rental companies will bring mobile storage units to your home, office, or other location. They are smaller but still larger than mini-storage. Customers can choose to park their portable storage units close to home or in any other convenient location. It is also possible for them to load their goods into this unit. The storage unit is portable.

Vehicle Storage

Some people might need to store their RVs, boats or cars. With their roll up shutters, car storerooms look like car garages. You can also rent outdoor parking for your RVs or cars. Outdoor parking can save money, but is more dangerous for the weather and because of theft. Boat slips, or trailering is the only option available for boat owners looking to store boats off-season.

Self-Storage Climate-Controlled

Weather conditions can have a negative impact on your possessions. This is especially important for items that are sensitive, like leather furniture and electronics. Climate controlled storage offers the most secure way to store these sensitive items. The units are designed to keep humidity and temperatures inside the unit at the same level. This protects the items against harsh weather. A climate-controlled unit may cost more but it is worth it for your valuable items.

The number of moving and storage companies is growing. To meet your needs, you will need to decide on the size of the unit. A mini-storage facility for small packages is a huge benefit. Renting companies will provide you with a size estimator to help you determine the number of items that each size can accommodate. Now that the storage industry has changed, it’s much easier for people to store their belongings when needed.

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