Self Storage Units: The Advantage of Advanced Technology

Zi Cun Cang units (self-storage) were initially built with only a handful of rules. They would be located off the beaten path and had no added safety other than the lock on the door. The principles at first were simple and limited. The principles included that no one can sleep, or even sleep, in their unit. They also could not sublet or resell a unit. It was that simple – important link.

The self-storage industry (Zi Cun Cang) has developed extremely quickly over the years, and the range of services has increased significantly. Self-storage units now come in a wide range of sizes.

The features of a self-storage unit have also changed, as well as the security measures taken. Some of the more recent features are climate-controlled environments and cold storage. The climate control is especially helpful as more people store fragile goods like electronics and finished wood. The climate controlled units are well-insulated and constructed to prevent injury such as water and mold/spore damages.

The security industry has also changed in many ways. Keypads, video surveillance, fencing and 24-hour security are some of the latest technologies. Self-storage rooms used to be left in the open, and padlocks were the only way of protecting the contents. There was no fencing, nor any video or on-site security. You’ll notice that Self Storage has advanced significantly since the 1970s. The most significant advancements can be seen in the size, security, and features that are provided today as standard services.