Is Your Business Going to Need More IT Services in The Future or Will It Be Less?

It was about 25 years since I started working in the IT field. The IBM PC, which started the PC revolution, had just been released. Since that time, people have predicted a future where IT costs are expected to decrease. Recommended reading?

What do you think?

The prices are down in some ways. Computers, and the software that runs on them, are much more advanced and powerful today than ever before. Businesses continue to increase their IT spending year after year. Just compare the IT market today to the one 25 years earlier to see this.

Interesting is the change in IT spending. The IT service component has increased to cover the fall in hardware expenditure.

Why Has IT Costs Increased?

It is mainly because of the complexity and sophistication of the hardware, software and other components. Non-experts have a hard time getting the best from them. IT costs are increasing because the system needs to be configured properly and integrated.

What’s the reason we keep spending more on technology?

One thing I have heard from many business owners is that even though they upgraded their software and computers to the latest versions, they didn’t see any results. It was once called “the IT arms race”. Like keeping up the Joneses, if you want to stay ahead of your competition you have to improve as well.

What Will Be The End Of IT Spending Growth?

Even though I’m one of the biggest beneficiaries from increasing IT expenses, I understand that they will stop at some point. There is no way to keep going up! As the IT market matures, it will plateau and then fall.

Cloud Computing: The Next Big Innovation

Cloud Computing has arrived just when everyone thought the IT sector was maturing, and that innovation was beginning to slow down. Cloud Computing refers to a term which means the data and applications may be located in another location, but you can access them from your computer using the internet.