How do you choose a bathtub reglazing company?

There are so many different companies to choose from that you need to know the questions you should ask in order to select the one you want. After all, you’ll want it to be clean, shiny, and new. You should also be satisfied with your purchase. Knowing what questions to ask is important. Everyone does not want to invest money, only to realize that their dollars have been wasted. Extra resources!

Some people think that the price of the tub is the main factor and they will make their decision solely on this basis. Some people believe that their tubs will always look beautiful, regardless of whether they decide to re-glaze them. Why should price determine the end result when it is determined by the ability of the reglazer, and what products they use?

These are questions you must ask. What paints do use you? What type of paints do you use? How long does reglazing take? How long will it take before I can start using the bathtub again? There is a warranty. Does it last for how long and what is covered? What do I need to prepare before and after the spray? How can you avoid spraying the area around your tub instead? Are you using a vacuum to remove the dust or reduce the smell? Do you have any tips on how I can clean or maintain it? Cost: How much is it?

What are some other questions you should ask: how long have your been reglazing for? Do you own a website or blog? Are there any photos of the before/after? References? What are the payment methods? There are many.

Our customer service is our top priority. We will gladly answer your questions and explain the steps involved in reglazing a tub. It is important to us that you understand what it takes to reglaze your tub, so we post information on both our blog and on our site. After the reglazing is complete, you’ll receive a card that includes basic care instructions.