What is the Credit Application on Your Website for Your Buy Here, Pay Here Dealer?

Special finance dealers and BHPH Dealers will find that the most vital aspect of their dealership website is an online credit application. Your time and your money will be wasted online if there is no online credit form on your website, helpful resources!

If you’re financing the car purchase, the sale is a secondary concern. You are wasting time by listing all of your vehicle listings on the site with pictures and lengthy descriptions if they don’t submit an application.

1. Security is essential for the application. You must also consider privacy issues and the protection of your identity.

2. From your home page, your customer MUST be able reach the application for credit and insert information after NO MORE THEN ONE CLICK. Your customers will abandon your site if you require more clicks.

3. Is it true that over 70% of all online purchases and applications are never completed? According to dealer websites, 90% of people who started the credit application online did not complete it. It is my opinion that you do not know the number of people who start an application on-line and then fail to finish it. The “back button” is a very easy way to leave your site.

Internet is my belief that the future of BHPH and special financing lies. Your business needs to be heavily engaged in the Web. The web is not necessary for you to grow or maintain your business if you’re very successful. You will find operators in each market who are willing to take advantage of the web to grow their business at your expense.