4 Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods Chosen By Professionals

Many homeowners opt for carpets when it comes to flooring going here. Carpets keep the floors warm, and they are also beautiful. Guests will be impressed by your freshly cleaned carpets. Carpet cleaners are needed in Wimbledon for this very reason. The carpets can’t be cleaned frequently because they’re too heavy. This should be done at least monthly by professionals.

It is possible to do the job yourself if the equipment and time are available. The advantages of hiring a professional to clean your rugs are many. They are professionals with a lot of experience who can perform a perfect job, which is something that you simply cannot do. Take a look at this article if your goal is to find the most reliable company for carpet cleaning. You should know the different types cleaning methods, before you select a service.

Heat water extraction

Steam cleaning may also be referred to as hot water extraction. Steam cleaning uses hot water in order to dissolve dirt. The professionals will inspect your carpets thoroughly when they first arrive. The professionals will then apply the cleaning agent and let it rest for a short time. The rug is cleaned by using the right tools and equipment. After cleaning the carpet, it is placed in a dry room. Cleaning a carpet is usually done in two hours and drying takes another five. When you clean your carpets at the end of the day, they will dry for all night.

Cleaning carpets

This method became extremely popular in the 1970s. If you are not planning to use any cleaning services or your carpets seem clean enough, then this is the best method for you. This method does have a drawback, as foam is left on the carpet. This method also takes some time to dry the carpet. The foam may stick if you don’t rinse it off after shampooing.


The method involves the use of synthetic detergents. Once the foam has dried, the dirt that is trapped within the fiber will remain. After a short time, the foam will come off with a brush. Since there is no water involved in the cleaning, it will dry faster than with hotwater extraction. This is the reason it has been so popular with cleaning companies. This method has limitations and is not appropriate for heavy-soiled, dirty carpets.

Carpet cleaning

Dry carpeting has proven to one of the most efficient cleaning methods. Since 1980, carpet cleaning companies in Wimbledon use this method. The carpet first receives a treatment based on its power. It is then left for up two hours. Then, using a motorised brush which rotates counterclockwise, clean the carpet. It can be used for any type carpet.
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