Carpet Wonders offers a wide range of services for carpet care experts

Imagine a large carpet being vacuumed or someone using a strong scrubber on it. There are many aspects of carpet maintenance that go beyond the simple task of cleaning. There are many carpet-care services available that homeowners might not know about.

What is the condition of your carpets’ underlay, learn more? That cushiony underlay provides both support and insulation. Over time the underlay can compact or become moldy. These professionals can check, upgrade or replace this vital component.

Also, there is the art to stretching your carpet. The carpets on your floors may have developed wrinkles over time. They can look unattractive and even be dangerous to walk on. The carpet technicians at Carpet Tech can make your carpets look as good as new while ensuring that they are safe to walk upon.

In addition to carpets, they also often focus on rugs. Rugs are even more delicate, and can pose a greater challenge in terms of maintenance, than carpets. Professionals are trained to care for a wide range of rugs from traditional handwoven Orientals to contemporary synthetic designs. They know what techniques work best to preserve their life span and shine.

A stubborn stain won’t go away? Contact the experts before you settle for an eye sore or think about replacing your carpet. Their arsenal includes specialized cleaning products that can remove anything from red wines and coffee to pet stains.

Carpet cleaning should become a regular habit for all of us with allergies or respiratory conditions. Carpet specialists can offer hypoallergenic carpet treatments to help you reduce allergy-causing allergens. In addition to a healthier living environment, this can greatly improve your air quality.

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