Which hosting platform should you Choose? Windows or Linux Web hosting

In the process of selecting hosting selecting the OS that is used for server operation is one of the main questions to answer. There are a variety of operating systems to choose from, for the web server there are 2 most popular operating systems: Windows as well as Linux – find out more?

The two most commonly and most widely-used web hosting systems are Windows and Linux. Most web hosting businesses offer these two operating systems.

Both platforms are great however each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Linux is an open source platform, whereas Windows isn’t. Each has its share of fan base and an equally strong number of dissidents.

The selection between these two platforms must be based on the needs of your customers and not just your personal feelings. There are a few things you should consider prior to making a decision regarding Webhosting platform.

1) On what platform does your web-based application run using? The platform you are developing your web application on is one of the first inquiries. If your website/web application was developed using .Net or any other Microsoft technology, it would mean that you will need to use Windows web hosting. Some technology is compatible with both the Windows and Mac OS. Occasionally, however, the operating system used by your program may require you to utilize the same web hosting. A lot of websites utilize databases. Windows Server is needed if you are using MS SQL Server.

The decision to make must be made even before an application is submitted. In the event of a change, an existing website may cause lots of hassles!

2) Security: E-commerce websites must be absolutely safe. In fact any application which is storing personal information, as well as vital or financial information must be well protected. Linux web hosting is considered to be less risky as compared to Windows. Windows is plagued by security issues (which can be fixed quickly) which malware developers and hackers regularly exploit. It is known that the security of servers depends on the quality of an administrator it is. Windows servers are safe under the supervision of an administrator who’s in control and aware of their actions.

Linux Servers are cheaper than Windows Servers since Linux is Free. Linux might be less expensive, however, that doesn’t mean it’s more powerful than Windows servers. Windows on the other hand has to be paid for. This means additional costs. As a site owner the cost difference won’t be significant. Linux isn’t favored due to small price differences.

4.) The Linux Operating System has a steep Learning Curve. If you are a user with a PC operating system that is, learning Linux can be an absolute nightmare. However, if you opt for Linux web hosting service, then you don’t have to be concerned about the process. The reason is that there will be web based applications that will allow you to interface with the server seamlessly. You will be able to accomplish almost all tasks like FTP as well as database administration. making use of these software.

There is a chance that there’s no winner in the endless battle between these two formidable foes. The most important distinction is the software’s platform. Personal preferences determine your choice.

No matter what platform you select, but it’s crucial to pick a trustworthy and renowned web host that offers the least amount of downtime possible, good bandwidth and speedy support.