Salt-Free Water softeners solve hard water issues

Consider installing a saltless softener in your home if you are concerned about hardwater in your home. These systems treat your source effectively without the cost, waste or environmental impact of ion change water softeners. Continue?

Hard water can damage your plumbing and appliances. However installing a water treatment device can lead to major problems. You can stop hard water problems with salt-free water softeners, but without the downsides of an Ion Exchange softener. These systems can protect your pipes and appliances from hard water damage without the cost, waste, or environmental concerns associated with other softening techniques. This great technology is available for you home or business from your water treatment provider.

Traditional softeners replace hard water’s calcium and magnesium with sodium ions. They create salty wastewater and use a large amount energy. Did you know these water softeners?

How do you waste water? Did know that traditional systems can waste as much as 200 to 240 Gallons of water each week? That’s 12,500 gallons worth of water that is wasted every year. For context, keep in mind that the average person in the developing world uses less than three gallons of water daily. This means that one ion watersoftener will save enough water to provide water for 13 people for a year.

Can high sodium levels be created in wastewater? Traditional water softers use salt to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water by using ion exchange. However, they also produce salt water as a byproduct. This salt water flows down the drain into the main water supply. Once it reaches the main supply, it will need to be removed. Traditional ion water sanitizers not only waste water but also add sodium contamination.

Problems can be fixed with a water softener that does not contain salt. These water treatment systems, which do not rely on sodium to remove calcium or magnesium, accelerate the process of transforming dissolved minerals into nanoparticles. The calcium and magnesium tiny crystals are easily absorbed by your plumbing and appliances, causing no scaling or damage. Saltless water softeners

Use no electricity

Need no special drain

At very low prices, provide “soft” quality

These can be installed in areas without salt systems restrictions