Drug Rehab Halfway Houses can assist homeless women in regaining their lives

When you think of California’s Napa Valley, most people imagine miles of vineyards that are surrounded by the warm sun. The homeless that live in alleyways or parks are not visible. Alcohol and drug treatment is needed by many of these people to save their life, click resources.

Community Action Napa Valley, a local non-profit organization offering social services. The City of Napa is located in Napa County. There are 350 homeless persons. Nearly all these women suffer from alcoholism and substance abuse. It is possible to get alcohol or drug rehab locally. However, it remains unclear where the women will end up once they’ve graduated. It is possible that they will return to living on the street.

Nonita mendez founded New Life Outreach while she was recuperating from her addiction to drugs. Nonita was never homeless but she saw the need to create a place that could help others get their lives on track once they had overcome drug addictions.

Jamie Jackson (28), an addict to both alcoholism and drug abuse who had spent the last three years walking Napa’s streets with homeless individuals, is one of New Life Outreach’s successes. She claimed to be high while telling friends she wanted to go into drug rehab. In his van, he took her to the clinic and registered her in a 90 day drug rehab program.

The Register wrote that, “Every day I became more clear-minded”. Jackson stated that she would have to go back into the street a few days before her graduation. The counselor sent her the New Life Outreach fax.

Jackson, who had been in the halfway home for three months has now secured a steady job. He is also embarking on his new career as an Certified Nursing assistant. Jackson is safe at New Life Outreach. He does not use drugs or drink alcohol.