Moldavite, a Stone With Many Names

Moldavite has attracted the interest and attention of crystal enthusiasts and collectors around the globe. A mysterious green stone, it is believed that its origins are extraterrestrial. This genuine moldavite is known by many other names. More info!

Vltavn takes its name after the Czech Republic’s Vltava River. This is where the bulk of Moldavite can be found. Moldavite has been called Czech Moldavite (or Bohemian Moldavite) to honor its homeland.

A bottle-green shade and its appearance of glass make moldavite also called Bouteille Stone, or Bottle Stone. Moldavite was named after the theory that an impact by a meteorite heated the rocks and sand around it, creating a material that looked like glass.

Moldavite has been referred as Holy Grail Stone by other phrases. It is derived from the belief that the Holy Grail – the cup Jesus Christ drank out of during the Last Supper – was created from a green rock that had fallen from the sky. Moldavite gets its name from the myth that this stone has transformational, mystical powers.

Moldavite has also been called Starborn Stone, as it was thought to originate from a meteorite originating from stars. The highly valued and rare stone was believed to be created when a large meteorite hit the Earth surface over 15 million years.

Moldavite has many names, but its unique qualities and mystic origins intrigue and fascinate collectors and crystal enthusiasts alike. Moldavite is known by many different names: Vltavn Stone, Bouteille Stone Holy Grail Stone, Starborn Stone.