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Moldavite has been the subject of numerous myths, urban legends, or misconceptions. It is also believed to have the ability to create portals that lead into different dimensions. But one of the oldest myths persists that moldavite has an odd smell. Do you have any evidence to support this statement? Inner Vision Crystals will correct any misinformation about moldavite, related site.

It’s important to be crystal clear on one point: moldavite stone isn’t a smelly rock. No, it doesn’t. The mineral moldavite actually comes from the Tektite that’s created by the melting of rock when a large meteorite hits earth. The mineral doesn’t seem to be able to grow anywhere, not even on trees.

From where does this rumor stem? Despite the fact that some have claimed to smell their stones’ moldavite scent, it does not actually come from them. Most likely, the smell comes from oils and other substances that remain on top of the rock.

If your moldavite does smell faintly, don’t panic. You shouldn’t be concerned. It isn’t an indication of any paranormal or ominous activity. The stone is probably a good indication of how well it was cared for by previous owners.

There are some ways to clean your moldavite if the scent is still bothering. You can try washing your stone gently in warm soapy water to clean off any grime or oils that may be causing the bad smell. After letting it air out and remove the remaining aromas you can place the stone outdoors in the sun.

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