The 10 day rule applies to driving permits following DUI

The driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs can be a severe crime that could be the cause of suspension of drivers licenses, and in severe situations, prison. If you’re accused of DUI several times and are convicted of multiple DUIs, you could face even greater punishments. You may be sentenced to jail for between 5 and 10 years with heavy costs. DUI may negatively impact your professional career and your life. It is possible to erase all charges through hiring a seasoned DUI attorney to shield yourself in court. By calling a DUI lawyer immediately after an arrest is a good way for the lawyer to monitor and analyze the circumstance – check this out!

Ten Day Rule for DUI arrest

The law automatically revokes drivers’ licenses when the driver is convicted of drunk driving. This happens for the safety of the motorist and for the safety of the general public. This driver will not be permitted to drive until the 10-day rule is adhered to. This rule states that the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) hearing should be scheduled within 10 days following the arrest.

The DHSMV hearing is the important part for maintaining your driver’s license. It is crucial to remember that the DHSMV hearing is different from an criminal trial. It can be used as an opportunity to fight the suspension. If you do not schedule your DUI hearing within the 10 days, your driver’s license will automatically get revoked during a period of time ranging between 6 months and 1 year or more.

The best option is to contest the DUI charges in court with the help of an experienced and tough DUI attorney to represent your case. Lawyers can aid you by listening to the details of your situation and then determining the most effective option. A lawyer may fight to defend the right to drive, and later to secure your rights.

What is the 10 day rule?

The rule of 10 days applies to the amount of time needed in order to preserve your driver’s license following your arrest on suspicion of DUI. You have 10 days to make a written request. Licenses will be cancelled in a long time period in the event that you don’t schedule an appointment within the 10 days. The time period for revocation could be different depending upon whether it is your first, second or third offence.

Be aware that if you get taken into custody for DUI the law gives you a short time for requesting a hearing. If you submit this request in time, you will most likely be able save your driving license. This will ensure that you have a valid license for as long as your case begins in court and is handled by DMV. Judge can also take away your license as punishment. The cases of DUI are very serious and must be handled as such. It is essential to engage the most experienced DUI lawyer to help through the DUI instance. If you do not schedule a Hearing within the 10 day period after your arrest will land you on the wrong side of law. A DUI charge will not mean you will lose your license or pay higher insurance rates or any other fines. Taking necessary action on time will save you from these charges.

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