Use the grill to produce delicious BBQ Meals

BBQ Grilling Techniques

We’ve already discussed the different differences between barbecuing with the BBQ grill or grilling. We suggest you read this article for details on the differences. However, as a summary, grilling is cooking your food over an open BBQ grill with a hot temperature (i.e. Around 600 F generally for brief time. Read more!

Grilling can be a fast way to create delicious barbecue dishes if you do it properly. When cooking beef, lamb pork, fowl or other meats the grilling process produces a seared crust over the exterior of the meat. This crust seals with all the flavors of your meal and contributes in enhancing the overall taste.

There are hundreds of websites on BBQ grilling. This article will give you an overview of the basics of grilling.

This technique has been broken into five fundamental stages, focusing on cooking different kinds of meat.

Here are five steps to an effective charcoal grilling

Use a wire brush cleanse the BBQ grill’s cooking grate prior to you start grilling. This step is often overlooked by barbecue enthusiasts. But, if you don’t do it the residues that have built up after your last grilling session could result in unpleasant taste.

After cleaning your grill’s grill, it’s a smart idea to coat the surface with cooking oil. This will prevent food particles from adhering to the grill as you cook.

Step 1 – Begin Your Barbecue Grill Charcoals

There are some who use wood to make their BBQ grills, but most users use lump charcoal or Briquettes. Whichever fuel you decide to use, you’ll require enough to create a solid layer of hot coals on the surface of the grid. This is at least three inches outside the area on which you’ll place the meat you’ve cut into pieces. It won’t cook evenly when food is placed not far enough from the hot coals.

After you’ve measured your charcoal, there are several ways to ignite it. We recommend making use of a chimney starter. This is the most efficient method to employ for grilling regularly. It’s quick and stable.

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