What is Car Cleaning Detailing?

This term is often used and may have various meanings. As an example, detailing can refer to most forms of car cleansing in America. While in the U.K. the term car valeting has been used more frequently to describe car cleaning.

Generally speaking, car detailing means to clean, protect and polish all surfaces of a car from top to toe, inside and out. This is done using products and specialist tools not normally used by your standard car cleaner. Detailing does exclude paintwork, body work, and other cosmetic repairs.

A car’s primary goal and purpose is to improve and restore its paintwork. To do this, it must be thoroughly cleaned and polished. It is essential to clean and scrub the car’s surface thoroughly to remove all dirt, contaminants and scratches.

The first step to exterior detailing is to foam and soak the vehicle. It helps lift dirt off the surface before you pre rinse. While soaking a detail brush made of soft bristles can be used to rub areas like window rubbers. plastic grills. trim details. and badges. You then rinse off all of the foam as well as any loosened grime and dirt.

It is recommended that wheels and wheel arch/wells are cleaned prior to painting the bodywork. These areas tend be the dirtiest, most contaminated of all the parts on the vehicle. The wheel and well arches are cleaned with wheel cleaning solutions and brushes to remove the baked-on grime. This includes the suspension components, the brake calipers, the area around the bolts and the wheel rears.

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