When your wife doesn't listen to you?

Not listening can be your way of ignoring the difficult feelings you want to talk about. They may want to spare you their feelings by not telling you what they really think. Honestly, there's no other way to put it, plain and simple. Ask anyone who is married and they will tell you that marriage is really hard work.

And while it can be hard work, it's also 100% worth it. But sometimes, spouses start to get a little less excited when it comes to having to listen to everything their partner has to say. Again, to solve this problem, you have to address it. It can be a difficult topic to address, but let your spouse know that it makes you feel ignored or overshadowed.

Try talking about “third-party issues” or directly ask them to let you vent. Ask them questions to promote dialogue and do your best to agree to “take turns”, so that neither of them dominates the approach. Check out the book “Emotionally immature parents why because someone in his childhood told him that his feelings were not important and his wife helps him continue to live like this. When you feel like your spouse isn't listening, do what you can to make sure you talk to them when you want to talk and not just when you want to.

When you feel that my wife is not listening to me or that my husband is not listening, this can cause you to feel stressed. If you approach your spouse with an aggressive tone, he may close and he will not hear a word you have to say. And while those emotions are valid, it's also just as important to go deeper and try to understand what has changed until your wife decided she was going to stop listening to you. If you can remain civil, you can begin a process where your partner listens to you and repeats what you have said.

Being the family joker is fine, but at times when your wife needs you and your opinion, jokes aren't appropriate. Resentment can also impede listening skills, so check with yourself to make sure you've honed your own listening skills before demanding this from your partner. This can lead to ignoring current issues, mistakes based on miscommunication, and anger when it seems that your spouse is simply not listening to what you have to say. If you have been frivolous with decisions and conversations in the past, then your wife will begin to make her own decisions and move forward on her own.

Depending on your particular situation, your wife may have a harder time perfecting herself than you. Before you jump to conclusions and exclaim, you are not listening to me, think about what kind of day your spouse has had. If you often wonder how I make my spouse listen to me, you may want to evaluate whether you can express your feelings. As a speaker, it's easy to get going and make one point after another, or tell every detail of a story without considering how it might affect your listener.

It is also true that spouses tend to listen differently; it just depends on each of their personalities and can be influenced by everyday stressors.

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