When your wife is angry with you?

Here's what to do when your wife is upset. Take 5 to 10 seconds before answering. But keep eye contact if possible. Look at her as trying to understand her point of view.

It is important to show your partner that you know they made a mistake and that you are willing to take responsibility for their actions. This means avoiding annoying phrases such as, I'm sorry if you were hurt or, I'm sorry you bothered. Let her know that you understand, she is hurt and that you are sorry. Acknowledge that you understand why she is upset or why she feels that way and that you want to do everything you can to fix and repair the damage caused.

It's important to calm an angry wife when she's furious with you. Instead of letting his words get to you, take the higher road. Don't resort to saying hurtful things to him or try to change guilt. Instead, try talking to her or hugging her tightly but lovingly when she lashes you out.

If your wife is angry that you have broken her heart, let her broken heart heal and rejoice by courting her. Give her flowers, give her a piece of jewelry, send her a love letter, give her a romantic dinner or simply cook her favorite meal. Do your best to win her heart again just as you did when she first fell in love with you. Start praying for wisdom on how to manage your wife's anger and for wisdom to improve the relationship.

Ask your wife how you can help and how you can pray for her. Knowing that her husband is praying for her and loves her is the best gift any man can offer his wife. Consider the reason for your wife's anger. If she's mad at you for something you did or forgot to do, a sincere apology can go a long way in fixing the fences.

Don't avoid the apology by hiding behind phrases like “I'm sorry you feel that way”. Be very direct and accept the blame. This is causing her distress and causing her to act like an angry and depressed wife, as she is unable to express herself in a more constructive way. Recognize that if your wife has good reason to be angry with you, it may take some time for her to forgive you.

If it's your nature to extend the olive branch, you'll want an arsenal of sweet things to say to your wife to soften her heart and dispel her anger. If your wife is like that, you have to do something to cheer her up and make her forgive you for any mistakes you made. Your wife may be exhausted managing the work-life balance, especially if she feels that she does not help her with household chores or supports her. This is not only dangerous, since it is the reason for his wife's bad mood, but it is also one of the signs that a marriage is in ruins.

If the reasons for her being an angry wife have nothing to do with you, even then, try to placate her as warmly as possible. If you're the one who made the mistake, you should sincerely apologize to your wife the first chance you get. First, know that your wife is probably not having a midlife crisis, which is often what husbands mistakenly believe. We help husbands appreciate that, however unpleasant it is to have an angry wife, a silent and sullen wife is a much bigger problem.

An angry wife won't be angry for long when she starts to see that you are making genuine efforts to get her love back. The surprising thing is that Gottman's research tells us that when a wife brings up a problem, 40% of the time the husband doesn't even fully understand what he is talking about. I'm finally in a marriage where when my wife is hurt and has a problem, she talks to me like a human and doesn't get mad at me. Remember that the happiness of your wife is essential to the healthy and blissful existence of your marriage.

You may wonder what you've done to make your wife always look angry, and think that somewhere deep down she hates you. .

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