Why did your wife leave you?

Random people online will tell you to “don't make contact and avoid contacting her for 30 days or more, but that's horrible advice from immature young men who don't even know how to maintain a relationship together. Dan Bacon is 100% committed to helping men succeed with women. Another great emotional release during divorce is a pet. My Chief Moral Officer was and still is my Labrador Retriever because, whatever happens, he is always happy.

He's not the smartest dog on earth, but he may well be the happiest, and what you're going through you don't need depth and real, you need happiness and a lot of that. My husband of 32 years just announced that he never loved me and he is moving away. To make matters worse, I had no idea. I thought we had a decent marriage.

I agree with you 100%, but how do you put up with it and try to fix things when only one of you is mature enough to realize that love is a choice, and that if you can get through the rough patch, things will get better? My estranged husband wants a divorce after 23 years. Rachel, you're exactly the same age as me and my husband is the same age as yours. My husband went on a trip with a friend and returned depressed and unhappy with his life. I thought it was just a phase and I couldn't think of anything until I found a girl's phone number in her wallet.

At 42, they are excellent examples of men going through the crisis of the median. I don't think he was doing anything but chatting with this girl, but still someone triggered his desire to free himself from the responsibility of having a family (we have 3 children). Since then he has gone on to not talk to me for weeks in a row, saying that he is thinking of leaving, driving through the countryside for 10 days alone, not calling me or the children for Christmas (I stayed with my parents on vacation), calling me on the phone on holidays and saying that he sold everything and left me, without communicating for a week later from dropping his bomb to leave, to now once I'm back from vacation looking for a room to rent so I can have space. He's totally messed up in his head and most of the things he says contradict each other day.

Throughout this ordeal I have been sympathetic, not at all dramatic, calm and haven't said much when trying to get me involved in a fight. This has seemed to quell his attacks on me because he was to blame for his unhappy life. So far he hasn't moved as planned and continues to change his mind on a daily basis. My only wisdom from this whole scenario is that I have a Christian faith and that it has really kept me sane in praying.

My experience has taught me that you can only trust one person in this world to love you unconditionally, and that is Jesus. I smile all the time, I'm happy and happy despite the mess my marriage is in. I know that whatever is destined to happen, will and nothing will be too much for me to handle as well, since I am not alone in this. I hope your marriage works and that you and your husband will be happy together again.

I am a btech graduate n 23 years old and, my classmate is, my wife aswathi is 22 years old, and I love my wife, and I love her for what she has given me, she made me feel what everyone calls love at first sight and she gives me a lot of love during, our studies and now suddenly she has taken all that I love and I love the pain she is giving me now myself by staying away for the past 5 months, I just, I love her even if she hates me because now I know what I've lost. After 15 years, he announced that we should never have married. But we have a 13-year-old son together, and he's a wonderful boy. I've always tried to change to be more what she wanted, but I didn't.

I don't care how he treats me anymore, but he is tearing our son apart and that is very hard to see, knowing that there is little I can do for him. Anyway, things moved on for about 2 years, then her new best friend decided to come to me, which I thought was a joke at first, since that kind of thing never happens to me (my wife is the pretty one). One thing leads to another and then we go to bed. Something that went completely against my morals as a human being.

It was the worst 30 minutes of my life and I felt pressured and forced. I think we both use sex to cope with stress. She had also convinced me that she and the neighbor had had sex instead of just touching each other. My boyfriend of 24 years left me and our children two months ago, we have two daughters who live with us, one is 22 years old and the other is 23 years old and is terminally ill who needs 24-hour care.

So I stay at home, mom, daughter and brother live with us to help pay for medical bills, supplies, food shelter, etc. He left his family for another woman who is 25 years old and is pregnant now, she has a daughter whom she lost custody of due to drugs and is now using drugs. I won't let him see our daughter until she gets a drug test and an STD test. He hasn't seen his kids since he left, my 22-year-old daughter doesn't want anything to do with him, he really wants to kick his ass, I'm having a hard time dealing with this, I can't believe he could do this to us.

He was a wonderful father and husband. What makes a man do this? I just can't understand. How can you forget about your family? Everyone keeps saying midlife crisis. He blames everything on me, told his brother that I made his daughter hate him.

I'm sorry, but she has a mind of her own and she can decide for herself. I have someone they work with who gives me information and all they do is talk about me and say that I am a terrible mother and person. It's very painful, it's only been 2 months after living together for more than 4 years and we have a 2-year-old son. He dumped me and 3 weeks after he was already dating a girl.

I cry every night from the pain I feel. After everything I did to keep our little family together, he abandoned us. My wife and I have been together for 13 years as lovers. Very young we started in the middle of adolescence.

We've only been married for the last 19 months. She told me she's falling in love with another man. It is true that infidelity has been a factor over the years with at least 3 incidents in the past with 1 most recent being 6 months after our marriage. She had forgiven me on every occasion, but this recent one, it really hit her.

Since that day my wife has changed. Different goals, interests and even more surprising is his personality and character. I don't know my wife anymore. Other than that, I've been really good to her and treating her like I just met her, but that hasn't resonated with her.

Instead, it has communicated with many other things that have been developed. She texts him every day and it doesn't bother him that he's there. She speaks highly of him and is very attracted to him. My problem is that once she wants to leave (imminent), he doesn't respond and then comes back what do I do? I love my wife so much that she has been my go-to person for anything in my life.

I'll have to let it go and I can't see it change given my story. My wife didn't come home from work last Friday (now Tuesday), my son nor I have heard from her since then, despite the numerous text messages, although she has told 2 other people that it's okay, these people are strange to me, I only found out through a third. You can change the way your wife feels right now, changing the way you approach your interactions and communication with her from now on. Don't worry, it's actually quite easy to do because the love you shared with your wife isn't DEAD.

If you cannot accept the fact that your wife left, the loneliness you feel now or your role in the breakdown of the marriage, it may be wise to seek professional guidance, suggests Prior. Right now, you might be thinking that if you give your wife enough space, she might realize how much she loves and misses you, and then she'll come back. If your future ex-wife thinks she's going to get everything and you're not going to get anything but the grass cutter and the pasta strainer, that puts her lawyer in a great position to squeeze every penny out of her. After he moved out, I found out that I was in a relationship with another man, my wife had a lot of affairs.

I tried to work things out, but they just didn't stop, this was the second in less than 2 yes, I'm not sure how to feel right now It's so hard that I can't seem to figure out how you can move on so fast. My wife leaves me after 24 years and I was great with her and she even admitted it but she got bored of me and started treating me terribly. I was abandoned by my wife for 10 years this past April after I discovered her sexual relations with several men. Well, she met me and my legs were shaking a lot as I talked to my wife about what I found and showed her.

Watching your wife leave can leave you feeling bitterly betrayed, but also confused about life, relationships and what women really want. I've been begging my wife to stop the lies, to stop the stabbing in the back and to stop the abuse of pills and alcohol. But if his future ex-wife postpones things, the settlement won't happen until just before the trial date. As a result of his wife leaving him, it is only natural that he has gone through many different emotions and does not know when he will be able to feel happy and confident in his life as before.

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