Will your wife be with you in Jannah?

When a believer enters Paradise, if his wife was righteous, then she will also be his wife in Paradise. Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. However, death is not necessarily the end of the relationship between husband and wife. In Islam, there is evidence in the Quran that the husband-wife, if both are righteous, will meet in Jannah.

How to organize and celebrate a wedding in an Islamic way What is the state of authenticity and explanation of the next hadith? Can I have my husband just for myself, because I don't want my husband to be shared with other wives in paradise or with Houri? You sought them after you made a covenant with Allah, and she became your wife in the Name of Allah. There may be a lengthy discussion about the rights of the husband and the rewards for a wife to fulfill those rights, but what a great thing would it be if the single event date covered everything. Showing appreciation to your wife and acknowledging her persistent effort will cause a sense of accomplishment in her, which will help keep her inspired to carry out the challenging work she does. Hudhayfah (RA) told his wife: “If you want to be my wife in Paradise, don't remarry after I die, because the woman in Paradise will be with the last of her.

When the time of judgment is over, the husband and wife who practiced the Islamic teachings and followed the commandments of Almighty Allah will enter Jannah together.

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