Will your wife be your wife in heaven?

If your spouse is saved or saved while walking the earth, you will be reunited with him in heaven. However, according to the passage analyzed in this. Their marriage will continue after death. You will live with your beloved husband or wife forever in heaven.

The two will continue to grow together in love, understanding, happiness and joy for all eternity. Death has no power over what God has united. We know that God is a relational God. We see that when God established his kingdom on earth in the Garden of Eden, he made it a relational place, not only relational between him and his people, but they enjoyed a rich relationship with each other, naked and without shame.

Therefore, as we seek to know what the new heaven and the new earth will be, when the kingdom of God is completely restored, done as it was in the Garden of Eden, but even better, we will not only enjoy the relationship with God, but also total intimacy with each other, with nothing to hide, without barriers caused for sin. We know that Jesus said we won't get married in heaven. But that doesn't mean we don't have a rich, meaningful, intimate relationship with each other in heaven. It's not that we don't get married.

We will all be married to the same person as the bride of Christ and will be completely satisfied. It is true that Jesus will be the joy of heaven. But that doesn't mean we don't have the joy of seeing those we love on earth. What will make it more special is that, together with those we love, we will focus on Jesus.

We will see it in all its beauty and sufficiency, and we will be happy and satisfied together with those we love, without feeling any sense of disappointment. So husbands and wives will certainly recognize each other in heaven, and they will continue to be very special to each other. Marriage may no longer exist, because it will no longer be necessary, but love will continue. In heaven, you and your spouse will share a more perfect love than anything you can ever experience in this life.

However, if I were to remarry, even though I consider my deceased wife my soulmate, it would seem unfair to my deceased wife to wait until she knew that I remarried. One of those people, whom I know, whose beloved wife died too soon, finally came to the conclusion that his deceased wife would not want him to suffer decades of loneliness for the rest of her life on earth. If his wife traveled to some remote part of the world where there is no communication with the outside world and stays there indefinitely, it would be the same feeling, even if she knew she was still alive. If you do, you'll have to give up any hope of getting back together with the man you love as husband and wife.

And so, to the very sad widows and widowers everywhere, who have lived in a deep, loving and happy marriage with their partner, I can assure you that your husband or wife is still with you. So God is working in your heart to bring you closer to God and heaven through this terribly evil thing that happened to your wife and that took her away from you on this earth. About his wife finding another husband in the spiritual world, that would happen only if ultimately the two are not the right match for each other. I'm very sorry to hear about the long struggles with your wife's heart problem, and her death three years ago.

If you and your wife spent thirty-five years here on earth living, working, and loving together, not only have you found a partner in each other, but you've spent all that time growing into a couple for each other. Annette and I pray that God and the angels will continue to help and comfort your heart, and that you can find some peace and meaning as you go without the physical presence of your beloved wife. If your current wife is your true spiritual partner, then, after you die, your relationship with your second wife will come to an end and you will be reunited with your current wife. My advice to you is that at least you're still young and maybe you can meet a man who lost his wife and at least you have each other and won't die alone.

This question is intended to show how absurd is the idea of the dead rising to eternal life; it would lead to impossible situations like this one in which seven resurrected husbands claim the same wife. . .

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