You can easily remove pet stains from carpets by using vinegar

Vinegar is a natural product that can be used to eliminate pet stains. It’s safe and healthy for your pet and family. Does this method work? Find out more by reading the article link.

Add baking soda to your cleaning solution for a deodorizing and effective way of removing pet stains.

Although vinegar can be used to treat pet stains effectively, it is important that the stain is treated as soon as possible. If you leave it longer it’s more likely to become permanent. Multiple treatments may be required to remove the stain. The stain may be faded, but it will still remain.

Basic Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Water is heated up to 1 quart.
The white wine vinegar is 14 oz.

Use Vinegar to Remove Pet Stains

There may be different steps to take depending on what type of stain you are treating. For example, when your dog vomits and leaves a pile of feces in the ground, it is important to remove any solid materials. Take the following steps.

Test the colorfastness of the vinegar by applying it to the area that will be cleaned. While vinegar is a natural way to clean your carpet, it can cause stains on some fabrics. Test your cleaning product in a quiet, hidden place. If the stain in carpet is small, a corner of it will do.
Before applying the vinegar, use a clean and dry towel. Rub the stain gently. It is best to blot the stain with a soft, clean cloth in order to absorb any liquid. If you rub the stain in the fabric it will be spread deeper. Blotting absorbs liquids. Instead of pressing the liquids onto fabric, you can use a wick to remove them from surfaces such as carpet, furniture and mattresses.
You can spray directly the vinegar solution on small, persistent stains. Continue to spray until saturated. You can drip vinegar over the large stain and allow it to soak into the area until saturated. Pour in the vinegar and let it sit for several minutes. Again, blot with a sponge or rag. Continue this procedure till you get rid of the stain.

Use vinegar to neutralize urine odor. To neutralize urine odor, use vinegar properly.

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